Mestre Fantasma

Alessandro De Azevedo Soares Coqueiro known as “Fantasma” was born in Brasilia, Brazil on December 12 of 1980. He started Capoeira in the year of 1993 in Brasilia, Brazil at the SESC DF with Professor Oscar. He got his first belt (yellow belt) in the year of 1994 which also marks as the first batizado of Escola Brasileira de Capoeira. Since then, he never stopped practicing capoeira. He received 8 trophies from the school: Athlete of the year (1999), 5 times champion of the Campeonato de Ladainhas, and 2 times general champion of the International EBC competitions.

In the year of 2004, He traveled all the way from Brazil to the Philippines to attend the first Capoeira batizado of EBC Philippines in which he started to teach right after, helped develop and promote Capoeira in the country with classes, workshops, public and private demonstrations, shows, news papers, magazines, radios, TV shows and commercials.

He was also part of the EBC team who was chosen to represent Capoeira for Brazil in the Annual World Martial Arts Festival in Chungju Korea for three years in a row. He has also been participating in a series of Capoeira around Asia.

In April 2007, he received his professor belt (brown belt) in Brasilia, Brazil from the hands of his master (Mestre Oscar). He is currently leading all classes of Escola Brasileira de Capoeira, Philippines.

And in 2013 Fantasma received his mestre cord from his teacher and mentor, Mestre Oscar, at the EBC 10th Annual Batizado and Troca de Corda.

You can contact Mestre Fantasma at +63 (917) 851 5900 or